Worst Jersey Foul Ever

I sent this one off to Puck Daddy, but never saw it put up.  Considering most of the jersey fouls that get posted there are of a customizing issue (bad names and numbers, frankenjerseys, etc.), I guess this one doesn’t really attract a lot of attention.  But this is the worst jersey foul I think I have ever seen.

Sakic Jersey No Number

Folks, I don’t think I need to break it down for you, but I will.

There is no number.  No really, there is nothing more to say.  Why would you put the name of Joe Sakic on the back of your jersey, and not put his number?   What is the point?  Was this guy saving money or something?  Were they charging him per character, and he just ran out of cash?  If I remember correctly, there is no captains ‘C’ on the front either, which probably doesn’t shock you.

Folks, I don’t think I have to tell you, but I will do it anyway.  If you are going to get a jersey customized, do it right.  Or at least, get the numbers.  It just looks better that way.

This was spotted at a St. Louis Blues vs. Avalanche preseason game.  I guess his jersey wasn’t ready for the season either.


This was a really short post, and I had to knock it out late to get it in for the challenge.  I know what I’m writing about for Monday.  I never said they all had to be little poems,  did I?

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