Open Post: What Media Outlets Do You Like

I’ve been thinking a lot about the hockey media lately. If you believe twitter, there isn’t much to like about the MSM hockey media. I don’t completely buy it, but sometimes I struggle to think about who I am drawn to in the media.

So I’m asking you for your thoughts and conversation. The comments are open. What mainstream media outlets do you like? Which ones do you have respect for? What reporters do you like, and what do you like about them?


  1. I’m pretty thoroughly mainstream: Puck Daddy blog & twitter for league-wide*, Bob McKenzie twitter for trades & league politics**, Yahoo sports RSS for the AP take on the Avs, Denver Post Avs/All Things Avs RSS feeds for local Avs coverage, and all the twitter feeds I can get***. RSS feed for longer-form updates on what Toronto is doing. 😉

    All of those work for me. I also follow a smattering of beat reporter types on twitter, mostly based on whether they seem to have a sense of humor or not.

    *I won’t read Lambert, though.
    **He’s the media mouthpiece for some very high-level NHL types: if he floats a “rumor” or other position, you can take as gospel that somebody important wants it out there. He’s also a very reliable trade reporter who never seems to take a day off.
    ***Dater blocked me, I think b/c I made fun of KISS one too many times. Which sucks, b/c I really liked his twitter feed.

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