Imminent Road Trip

I’m looking to take a hockey road trip from January 1st to the 7th. Any suggestions? I’m starting in Denver, and probably heading east, but right now, I have no solid plans. I want to go places I haven’t been yet, so Omaha is on the radar. Where do I need to go?


  1. Let me know if you are having an issue leaving a comment. I messed around with the commenting system in an attempt to get rid of the jerks, and may have screwed things up royally. I think it’s fixed.

  2. It appears that the schedule won’t work in your favor this time around (, but you really need to check out Notre Dame’s new Compton Family Ice Arena. Quite the little cathedral ‘o’ hockey.

  3. Start local – if you’ve never been to an Eagles game, it’s worth it. Probably the loudest arena I’ve ever seen hockey played in.

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