Puckmarks: What Is That?

This is Puckmarks, showing some of the interesting pucks I find around the rinks.  If you have an interesting puck you found, hit me up in the contact form, and / or put it on twitter with #puckmarks.

Odd pucks seem to find a way into my hockey bag..  I once marked my pucks with a silver sharpie when I saw someone else do it, but I quickly learned that a puck is a puck, and if you care too much about a certain puck, you will lose it to the hockey gods, or the puck bag of some coach.  To me, a puck is a puck when I’m practicing with it.  If it’s really special, I will save it, but a puck from the hockey shop is a puck.

I once saw someone at a stick and puck session with an NHL logo puck (and I’m being vague here for a reason) shooting it and retrieving it over and over.  If it flipped over so he couldn’t see the team logo and he lost track of it, he would start scouring the pucks on his hands and knees, flipping them over until he found his puck.  Even if he was in the middle of the net and other people were waiting for him to get out of the way.  One special puck.  Why not put it on your bookcase, then?

So I bring a bunch of pucks, and I try to leave with the same number I came with.  I sometimes come away with a puck that someone has marked up.  So this is a place to show you some of those.

I got this puck at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena in Breckenridge, CO.  It’s one of my favorite places to skate, and they have outdoor stick and puck times.  When the snow is coming down lightly and there are only a few people out, it’s almost like hockey heaven.


And it’s marked that way on both sides.



Got an interesting puck?  Do you mark yours up?  Let me know.

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