Goal Waived Off in Detroit: Why It Happened

Tonight in Detroit, a goal by Jordan Tootoo that 98% should have counted was waived off.  Here is the goal:

The best angle as to why this call happened is the one from the corner, the second slow mo replay.  The ref, Dave Jackson, is in a good position in general, but as this play progresses, he is screened as the puck hops up and Dany Heatley swats it with his glove at the same time Drew Miller swats at it with his stick.  Jackson sees that the puck changes angle, but exactly who touches the puck is out of his vision, or that the puck hits Heatley’s hand and changes direction to the back of his hand and the side Miller’s stick is on… well, you can see how the confusion can happen.

Had the puck not gone to Tootoo and instead played by a Wild player, it would have been a moot issue and the play would have continued.  Had a save been made, the play would have (erroneously) stopped, and a face-off would have ensued.  No real damage done.  In this case, a goal was waived off when it shouldn’t have been.

It also lends steam to the debate about what is reviewable and what isn’t.  Had the puck gone directly in off Heatley’s hand / Miller’s stick, it would have been reviewed.  But this wasn’t a goal that was overturned, it was a stoppage by being played with a high stick, that then resulted in a goal.  Reviewable?  Maybe?  It’s so confusing.

It’s a fast sport.  What you gonna do?

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