My First Round Bandwagon

The Avs are out of the playoffs.  They were out before they even stepped foot on the ice at the beginning of the season.  The playoffs start in less than an hour, and I have to pull for someone.  Here are the teams I am hoping do well in the first round.





Chicago vs. Minnesota:  Chicago

This is ‘the team that did well in the regular season’ vs. ‘the team that paid to do well’.  Everything may reset at the start of the playoffs, but they dominated in the regular season, and earned my respect.  And they are GENERALLY a pretty clean team.  Go Blackhawks!

Detroit vs. Anaheim: Anaheim

I will NEVER root for the Red Wings.  Go Ducks!

Vancouver vs. San Jose: San Jose

I will NEVER root for the Canucks. Go Sharks!

St. Louis vs Los Angeles: St. Louis 

If the Kings hadn’t won it all last year, this would be a lot harder.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a repeat Cup winner, but St. Louis has been through a lot.  It’s time for them to have some success.  Go Blues!





New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh: New York Islanders

It’s time for the die-hard fans to get their due.  They deserve it.  Go Isles!

Ottawa vs. Montreal: Montreal

This is a tough one.  I’d say I’m 51-49 in favor of Montreal.  I just feel slightly more connected to them.  Go Habs!

New York Rangers vs. Washington: Washington

I don’t care all that much about this series, but it’s usually a good match-up.  I’m enjoying seeing Ovechkin stick it to his critics (including myself).  Go Caps!

Toronto vs. Bruins: Toronto 

In nearly every other matchup, I would have picked the Bruins (maybe not against the Islanders).  Here, I want to see Toronto do well.  If only Dion Phaneuf didn’t play for them.  Oh well, no one is perfect.  Go Leafs!


Think I should pull for someone else?  The comments are open, try to sway me.  Killing me with kindness is better than the other way around.


  1. I chose Vancouver since the Sharks seem to have a history(?) of injuring Avs players. Kind of a meh series. Also chose Chicago, Anaheim, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Montreal, New York, and Boston (although I wouldn’t mind Toronto winning). I’m kind of looking forward to watching playoffs now, especially since the Avs won the lottery.

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