Crowdsourcing Time

Time for some crowdsourcing.  This was my tweet from last night:

1) Buy RV.

2) Spend a year on the road watching and playing hockey all over the country.

3) ?????

4) Profit.

Fill in the ????

Comments are open. Go.


  1. “Write a book” comes immediately (and most obviously) to mind. Although given the state of the industry “write a book” probably does not lead to profit.

    Capture the experience on film, try to make something of that? Not sure if you’ve worked in that medium but I imagine you’d take to it pretty well.

    • Write a book is the most obvious, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Not because I don’t see how one could happen, just that I agree with your other point. The two books I could see coming out of it are a hockey travel guide and a ‘hockey in America’ book. Both sound appealing, but can I sustain myself doing it? There in lies the rub (and I won’t turn to Kickstarter – I want to bootstrap this as much as I can myself).

      As far as film, I have never done film. All of my investments have been in audio, in both time and money. Which of course leads to podcasting, but is that something that can be funded, or I can make enough of a living off of to sustain this wackiness? I would have to do something else, something I can do on the road, to sustain myself.

      So if we are talking about a media venture here, what are my strengths? Audio, photography (somewhat), writing (less so) and the web. That leads to an online media thing. But how to sustain it long enough to make something and put it out.

  2. HockeyPhool says:

    3. Sell electronics out of the RV

  3. Looks like 1-3 could all happen together.
    4 might be a little harder to fit in that mix……
    If you actually set out to do 1 and 2, I am sure something would fill in #3 for you!

  4. Boulding says:

    Sell advertising. On the RV, on the web, in the movie. Whatever you choose to do, sell advertising for it. That can at least fund the trip if done correctly. I wish I could do it.

    • I have refused advertising as much as possible. I’ve had the chance to put ads on JAHL and The Rink, and I’ve turned them all down. I don’t know if that’s the right path for me. I’m more of a public radio model type of guy.

      That doesn’t make it a bad thought, and that doesn’t mean no. Just my past experience with it.

  5. Sell drugs to kids out of RV.

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