Colorado (Eagles) Clinch Playoffs

Congrats to the Colorado Eagles of the Central Hockey League for not only clinching the playoffs, but also the Northwest Division title. So there is still going to be hockey worth watching in Colorado come playoff time, just not in Denver.

Oh, and if you don’t know anything about the Colorado Eagles, not only do they have one of the all time best minor league players (no, that is not an oxymoron) in Greg Pankewicz, but this year’s CHL All Star Game was between the Eagles and the rest of the league, and the Eagles won. Actually, the Eagles spanked them. The Eagles have won the Championship twice in their six years in the league (of 15 or so teams, no like the six in the IHL).

Go Eagles!

Happy St. Pats from the Rocky Mountain Rage

Tonight, the Rocky Mountain Rage take on the Odessa Jackalopes in Broomfield, CO, and they want to throw a party. For the game, the team will be wearing green St. Pats jerseys, and auctioning them off after the game. Luckily, they will also be serving green beer (the choice of amateurs), so after a few, the jerseys may actually look kind of neat.

If you are curious what the jerseys look like, you can look here. Be warned, they don’t look any better than the earlier jerseys I posted about. Also, I did not realize this, but the Rage also wore and auctioned off Mardi Gras jerseys. Go look, you know you want to.
If you are not keeping count so far, the Rocky Mountain Rage, in their first year of existence, have a home, away, third, holiday, snowboarding, Mardi Gras, and St. Pats jerseys. Not including an All Star jersey. That makes seven jerseys for the year. Seven. With only six games left, they hopefully will not strike again.

Update: The green jerseys did not help the Rage, who lost tonights game 4-1.  Do not fuck with the Jackalopes. Do not. Of course, the Rage are 16-36-7, so green jerseys probably wouldn’t help anyways.

How Many Jerseys Does One Team Need?

The Rocky Mountain Rage, the new Central Hockey League team based out of Broomfield, CO, are in their first year of existence. They have a brand new building, a rival they play 12 time this year only 42 miles away, and a mascot that defies description. Oh, and they also have five jerseys.


First year team.

To start out the season, they had an Away and a Home. Then they added a 3rd, which I think is the best of the bunch.

Then, for Christmas, they wore this:

Rage Christmas

OK, sure, whatever. It’s a cute idea. Well, they must have had some serious success with their jerseys auction, because the night I went, they wore this:


No, really, hockey players wore that. To be fair… No, I can not be fair. The X-Games were being held 4 hours away in Aspen, but really, is there any excuse for this?

Just to prove that they did wear these jerseys, made by a real jersey company, in a game:


Yep, complete with snow capped numbers. Click on the pictures to make bigger, if you dare. I await an email from the Rage to find out if the jerseys were auctioned for charity, and how the team can be called the Rage with a straight face.