A Few Quick Things

Just a few notes around the hockey and blogging world (most of them are a little selfish, but there you go):

– One of the funnier reviews of my podcast, The Rink I have ever seen came from Dirk Hoag, AKA The Forechecker on his excellent blog, On the Forecheck:

James “Tapeleg” Gralian and Tom Luongo break down the NHL from their perspectives in Denver and Buffalo, respectively. Tom can get a bit cranky at times, but that makes for a nice foil to James’ genial style.

Yeah, I’m a little less genial on this weeks episode. Tom and I get into it a little – not a lot – about a few things. Go and have a listen.

– I changed the theme of the site finally. It was much easier than when I first set up the blog on my own hosting three years ago, which was basically burnout point number one for me. There were more several burnout points for me, but getting this blog away from blogspot was one of them. If you only read this blog in a feed reader – which I encourage you to do – pop by the main site and take a look. I think it looks nifty, but if you have any problems with it, let me know. It would be greatly helpful.

Jibblescribbits finally moved his blog away from Blogger. Now on the Bloguin network (I really have no idea what that really means), he has a new domain, so if you want your Avs hockey fix, update those links and feeds. He is joining some excellent blogs at Bloguin, like Cycles Like the Sedins, and Barry Melrose Rocks. Good on ya, Jib!

– I went to a San Antonio Rampage game on Sunday. The hockey was fast and fun, and much better than the game we saw in Anaheim when the Ducks gave the game to the Leafs. And it was about a third as expensive, with much better seats. As far as the live game is concerned, the minor leagues is where it’s at for me.

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  1. so if you want your Avs hockey fix, update those links and feeds

    And blogrolls :)

  2. Hey James, site looks good! I’m a bit behind on the podcasts, a week of vacation and look what happens. But you and Jay did a good podcast as seems to be the usual.

  3. I like the redesign!

    One concern – img.sportsblogs.org is apparently flagged by google as possibly hosting malware. I trust you, but I would probably reach out to someone about that…

  4. Scott – Glad you liked the joint podcast. If I were around Denver more often, I would do more of those with Jay. He’s awesome to work with.

    BZA – Done and scrapped. I haven’t used that thing in a while anyways, and they don’t even tickle my radar. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I’m still bitter you had a great blog but turned the comments off on your last entry. Best wishes and Merry Christmas, but if we happen to play together in a rec league pick-up game, keep your head up. :) I just might be the guy with garlic breath giving you comments in the corner. *LOL*

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