Link Policy

– begin form letter –

Dear Madam / Sir / Robot,

Thank you for taking the time to click on my contact form page, and paste a form letter describing your desire to be linked to from my site. Please note that while I am deeply honored that you took all of ten seconds of your time (or .0002 seconds for the robots, since I don’t want to be insulting) sending a form letter, allow me to return the favor, as well as providing some useful information on my link policy.

I will not be linking to your website.

Asking, begging, or pleading for a link is an awful way to gain a link from me, or just about any other website run by a human, much less one who cares about what they put on their site. There are better ways of going about it.

If you are interested in recieving a link from my site, allow me to present some guidelines that will help clarify my policy:

Don’t exchange links, just link: If you like my site, go ahead and link to it on your own.  Don’t ask for any sort of exchange.  In this manner, I will see that you have linked to me, and take the time to actually look at your site.  Sending me an exchange request via email won’t get me to your site. Asking me to look at your site, via email, isn’t the best policy, but if you take the time to hand type a note to me, I will be happy to look at your website, and if I think it’s cool, or would come back to it again, I would probably link to it. 

Write something, do it again:  Please do not ask for a link if you are going to write three posts and give up.  A link from my site is more than an indication of your existence, it is somewhat of an endorsement from me.  I read the sites I link to on Jerseys and Hockey Love. I support the community of bloggers listed there, rather than simply pointing to their site.  Conversely, if you would like to listed on the New Hockey Media website, by all means, let me know, in a hand typed, personal, non- form letter email about your site. If you are not part of the MSM, or a blogging network, and created your independent site this season or calendar year, I would love to point to it. We could all use the support.

Write something awesome, do it again: If you want attention, clicks, page views, or whatever, it’s always a good policy to write or create something as cool as possible.  Doing this will get you more attention, and will get you the links you want.  After 3 years of blogging, I would say that the reason people have linked to me is because I tend to write what I want, not what I have to. I try to make awesome stuff, and like to read, listen to, or watch awesome stuff.

Don’t plagiarize: I do not link to plagiarists. Well, not completely true. I will link to plagiarists to point out what kind of lying scumbags they are. So if you would like that sort of attention, please send me your links.  (note to robots: while I understand that you are soulless machines who don’t know how to do anything but plagiarize, I must state that this policy holds true to you as well. My sympathies go out to your dead cold hearts)

That about does it. I think I have clearly stated what I believe is a good set of guidelines to getting a link on Jerseys and Hockey Love. While these guidelines are my policy, they in no way indicate that it is my priority to link to websites in a timely fashion.  I’m kind of busy, but do what I can.

Best regards,


– end form letter –